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Pamela Grandstaff is a writer of cozy mysteries​


There are 12 books in the Rose Hill Mystery Series

There are 6 books in the Cozy Mountain Mystery Series


Escape from Cozy Mountain (#6) available now

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Reader Reviews

 I really love the characters and love the way Pamela Grandstaff manages to keep each book a stand alone novel and yet intertwines the characters from previous books to make us remember them perfectly.


Vine Voice


I enjoyed this book so much that I have since purchased the others in the series. It's obvious that the author writes about things she is familiar with i.e. dementia, hospice, unrequited love,and families. She puts everything together with fun, quirky characters who experience a gamut of human emotion. Great reads!

I love the families and the small town where everyone knows everything! These characters are well developed friends I would not want to lose track of. A little mystery and a little romance, a lot of characters and courageous everyday living. Very charming, quite elegant prose and tight plotting.


Reader Review



Reader Review


Reader Reviews


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