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Nestled at the foot of Pine Mountain, Rose Hill has one traffic light, one patrol car, and one cold-blooded killer on the loose.


When rich and rotten Theo Eldridge is found murdered in the local veterinary clinic, Rose Hill police chief Scott Gordon is forced to work with county investigator Sarah Albright. She is more interested in seducing him than in solving the crime.

Complicating matters are a missing eyewitness, a town full of busybodies who keep poking their noses (among other parts) in places they shouldn’t, and enough arson, graft, and blackmail to supply motives to a dozen suspects.

Scott is convinced that bookstore owner Maggie Fitzpatrick is the woman for him, but she is still grieving over the mysterious disappearance of the love of her life. Nevertheless, Maggie and her best friend Hannah, the local dog catcher, are determined to help Scott solve the crime.

As Scott and Maggie attempt to untangle the sticky web of Theo’s shady business dealings, they uncover some dark family secrets that may connect Theo’s murder to another committed twenty years before.


What if Rose Hill’s most vicious gossip had access to the deepest secrets of the town’s most prominent citizens?

Police Chief Scott Gordon offered Margie Estep a deal: if she'd quit her job at the post office and help her invalid mother move into a nursing home, he might not arrest her for mail tampering and embezzling. After mailing several malicious letters, Margie has disappeared, and now it’s up to Scott to find out if one of her poison pen pals made that disappearance permanent.

As bookstore owner Maggie Fitzpatrick prepares for the annual Winter Festival, she considers letting go of the past and embracing a future with Scott. Their close relationship is jeopardized, however, when Scott discovers an undelivered letter from Maggie’s ex-lover, who disappeared several years before. Now Scott must decide whether to destroy the letter or reveal the truth about that night, even if it means losing the woman he loves.

The list of suspects just grows longer as Margie’s victims are revealed. When Scott follows a hunch that leads him closer to the truth, he also risks becoming the killer’s next victim.

Rose Hill is the perfect place to browse for antiques, grab a quick bite to eat, or meet for drinks at the Rose and Thorn. 
Underneath the polished veneer of this charming town, however, lies something old and rotten that’s about to be revealed.

When the bloody trail of a drug-dealing turf war leads back to Rose Hill, the investigation is hampered by a rabidly ambitious county investigator and a ruthless FBI agent. Ultimately, Police Chief Scott Gordon must decide if upholding the law is worth sacrificing the very people he has sworn to protect.

Maggie Fitzpatrick awaits  the return of her former lover, a man who mysteriously disappeared seven years before. Although not the man she thought she knew, he may still have the power to overwhelm her senses and tempt to her to abandon everything she holds dear.

It’s March in Rose Hill and dark clouds gather like an ominous warning. The suspects and victims have returned to the scene of an old crime; now all must face the consequences of the choices they made long ago.

In a small town everyone has secrets, but in the picturesque town of Rose Hill someone has a secret so dark it’s dangerous.

Claire Fitzpatrick returns to Rose Hill to visit family, take a much-needed rest, and decide what to do with the rest of her life. After a travel day from hell, she arrives home in the middle of the night and almost runs over a corpse. When the dead man turns out to be someone she knows all too well, Claire becomes the prime suspect in his murder.

Police Chief Scott Gordon dreads working with ruthless County Sheriff’s Investigator Sarah Albright. Determined not to let Sarah incriminate an old friend, Scott finds himself bending the law in order to get to the truth. The investigation is further complicated by a shady politician and a famous actress who both have secrets they might kill to keep.

It’s April in Rose Hill; as nefarious schemes and hidden motives are revealed, loyalties change as fast as the weather.  Claire must 
decide where she belongs, whom she can 
trust, and just how far she’s willing to go to conceal her own secrets.

When fifteen-year-old Grace Branduff finds an old man dying on her doorstep, she can’t understand his last words, and is mystified by the beautiful gift he leaves behind. When his death sets off a chain of events that drastically changes the course of Grace’s life, she is forced to discover whom she can trust and where she belongs.

Haunted by the time-worn love letter the old man carried across an ocean, Police Chief Scott Gordon is determined to unravel the man’s mysterious past and find out why he came to Rose Hill. The few clues he does have quickly lead him into conflict with the town’s wealthiest misanthrope, the cranky, eccentric Mamie Rodefeffer. She seems unusually interested in the beautiful gift, and suspiciously reluctant to reveal what she knows about the man who delivered it.

Although Scott is back in Maggie Fitzpatrick’s life, it’s uncertain how long their amorous truce will last. No one is more surprised than Maggie when maternal feelings she didn’t know she had lead her to view Scott in a brand new light.

When Claire Fitzpatrick returned to Rose Hill after working in Hollywood for twenty years, she never dreamed she had come home to stay. Three months later she is working at the Bee Hive Hair Salon, sleeping in her childhood bedroom, and wondering what to do with the rest of her life.

When one of her customers is murdered, Claire is determined to find out who did it and why. She’s also learning that when a situation feels familiar, it may be a sign to run in the opposite direction.

Police Chief Scott Gordon doesn’t believe Rose Hill’s crankiest octogenarian died from natural causes, but he dreads calling in the Sheriff’s homicide detective Sarah Albright to help him prove it. He’s finally engaged to the love of his life, and he doesn’t want anything, or anyone, to rock the leaky boat that is his relationship with Maggie Fitzpatrick.

Everyone in town has an opinion about their wedding, but the person whose opinion matters most – Maggie – doesn’t want to talk about it.

It’s June in Rose Hill, and along with the warm sunshine and blue skies have come political upheaval, shocking scandals, and an outbreak of mysterious murders.

Since Claire Fitzpatrick came home to Rose Hill in the spring, she’s found two dead bodies, dodged real bullets, and helped solve a couple murders. Four months later, she’s still living in her parents' house, looking for a job, and trying to solve a mysterious disappearance.

Complicating everything, she’s being pursued by two very different men. Ed Harrison’s kisses curl Claire's toes and his embrace feels like home, but he’s not exactly available. Although he’s gotten under her skin, charming substitute Police Chief Laurie Purcell’s demons may not be as under control as he swears they are.

As Rose Hill’s mayoral race heats up, so does candidate Kay Templeton's love life. With two brothers vying for her attention, and a town full of busybodies watching, Kay has her hands full battling criminal accusations made by the former mayor.

When the rumor mill casts Kay in the role of jealous murderer, her good friend Claire is determined to prove her innocence. Investigating this alleged crime puts Claire and Laurie in close company, which is a little like fighting fire with gasoline.

When one of Rose Hill’s most popular socialites is found dead under mysterious circumstances, nosy amateur detectives and cousins, Maggie, Hannah, and Claire are determined to find the killer and prove her son’s innocence.

In a twist of fate, Police Chief Scott Gordon finds himself in the unique position of assisting the cousins in an investigation that county sheriff’s detective Sarah lbright has little interest in solving.

Meanwhile, the cousins find that shining a light on the fundraising shenanigans of a local hospital, and ripping the lid off a notorious love triangle, may prove just as dangerous as cornering a clever sociopath.

It’s August in Rose Hill, and as the old-timers say, “it’s the dog days of summer and the snakes will strike at anything.” Indeed, several nasty snakes are feeling the heat, and if the cousins aren’t careful, someone may be bitten.

When Claire Fitzpatrick discovers the lifeless body of a new friend, she suspects murder rather than the accident it appears to be. When a new job takes her to the campus of Eldridge College, the college administration seems more concerned with covering up scandalous events than revealing the truth.


With the help of Police Chief Scott Gordon, and her cousins, Hannah and Maggie, Claire is determined to find out who killed her friend and why. What she discovers, however, is that he was not the person she thought he was, and there are multiple suspects with motives for murder.


It’s September, and Hannah Campbell has her hands full wrangling her four-year-old son, Sammy, a wild thing that does not want to be tamed. Now that he’s starting preschool, he’s expected to follow the rules and stay in school.


Meanwhile, Hannah is tangling with dangerous beasts, one of whom is her husband’s ex-fiancé.

Book no.2

Melissa Wright has been in love with handsome Patrick Fitzpatrick since the day they first met, but Patrick had always carried a torch for his widowed sister-in-law Ava. Three years ago when Ava married a wealthy businessman, Melissa thought the spell had finally been broken. Now she has Patrick, a brand new career, and after years of struggling to overcome her past, what looks like a bright future.


Bright, that is, until one night a tragic accident sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to change everything. At first, it seems like a truck driver under the influence took the life of a random stranger, but Melissa has a suspicion that Patrick knows more than he’s telling, and that Ava is somehow involved.


Luckily, Melissa is friends with three nosy Fitzpatrick cousins, and with their expert help, she’s determined to solve this mystery no matter what the cost.


It’s October in Rose Hill, where the scariest Halloween monster may reside in the mind of a beautiful woman.

LOTUS AVEfinal.jpg

While her husband is away for work, Hannah Campbell is juggling several part-time jobs and looking after their rascally son Sammy. When she witnesses what looks very much like murder, she adds part-time amateur detective to that list.

There is some shady business going on involving the new governor’s administration, local mob families, and a mysterious group of foreign investors. The small town of Rose Hill would seem to be well out of the way for any related shenanigans, except this powerful and corrupt cadre wants to build a four-lane highway right through the middle of town.

All the Fitzpatrick families are going through momentous changes, and the three cousins are stretched to their limits while trying to support everyone. When the corruption that is at the core of this latest mystery threatens one of their own, Claire, Maggie, and Hannah are determined to get to the bottom of this dirty business.

It’s November in Rose Hill, and friends and family (and FBI agents) are gathering for a Thanksgiving celebration. The surprising return of one family member promises to bring more chaos and trouble than anyone had bargained for.

pine mountain.jpg

Three men are missing and there’s a frozen corpse in the dumpster behind the Rose and Thorn. Duke the cat knows which man it is, and he’s pleased. 

Trick Rodefeffer has never been loyal–not to his wife, his friends, or his family. Ratting out a business partner is as easy for Trick as cheating on his wife, but this time he may have gone too far.

Patrick Fitzpatrick just lost the love of his life, and after spending several weeks grieving in a cabin in the woods, has stopped communicating with his family members, who fear the worst.

Harlan “Mean” Mann has made many enemies over the years; did one finally take revenge?

It’s December, and Rose Hill is buried under several feet of snow. The Fitzpatrick cousins are up to their necks in childcare issues and delayed wedding plans. Although there is precious little time left over to investigate the disappearance of the three men, they manage to stick their noses in far enough to stir up some serious trouble.

Marigold cover.jpg

When Grace Branduff returns to Rose Hill after a decade away, she finds many things have changed, but thankfully, the people who love and care about her are glad she's back. The book she wrote about her childhood, although thinly veiled as fiction, has brought her fame and fortune. Unfortunately, it has also infuriated a few of the villains described in those pages. But does one of them hate her enough to frame her for murder?


Police Chief Scott Gordon is determined to catch a thief who may also be a killer. Now that Sarah Albright is the county sheriff, he must walk a fine line between appearing helpful while also investigating on his own. Although he hates to admit how successful they can be, his wife Maggie and her cousins Hannah and Claire jump right in to solve the mystery.


This is the 13th book in the Rose Hill Mystery series, and the continuation of the story of Grace Branduff, who is featured in another Rose Hill Mystery, titled Daisy Lane.

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