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The Cozy Mountain Mystery Series

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Cozy Mountain Mystery # 1


The Resort at Cozy Mountain has always enjoyed great prosperity, primarily through buying or destroying anything that gets in the way. Fleeing her unhappy marriage, wealthy socialite Blythe Buffington has returned to Cozy Mountain to visit her invalid mother. After being harassed by her spoiled daughter, greedy first husband, and multiple buyers vying for her family home, Blythe discovers she may be flat broke.  What’s a former debutante to do?


Close friends Emma, Abby, and Georgie rally around their old friend Blythe and encourage her to move back home. Blythe promises to consider this proposition but then disappears under suspicious circumstances. It seems as if their good friend may have left Cozy Mountain forever. Or has she?


It’s spring in Cozy Mountain, and the stately homes on Grandview Boulevard are hiding some dreadfully dark secrets, both old and new.

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Cozy Mountain Mystery # 2


Emma has inherited a Victorian mansion full of antiques and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Starting a hospitality business when she has no experience presents many challenges, especially when uninvited guests keep showing up requesting rooms in a bed and breakfast that is not yet open.


 Although estranged from her best friend Abby, Emma can still depend on her other friends to lend a hand. Unfortunately, Cozy Mountain is full of self-declared experts eager to spy on her every move and spread evil gossip about her plans. To make matters worse, the resident ghosts aren't happy with the renovations and are making their feelings known.


As if Emma hasn’t got enough stress, someone has attempted to kill both a workman and a new client, and she needs to figure out who the culprit is before they succeed. The Grandview Boulevard class war is headed for a showdown with Emma right in the middle. Will Emma end up the Queen of Cozy Mountain or will she lose her head?

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Cozy Mountain Mystery # 3


The bed-and-breakfast Emma created in the mansion she inherited is just about ready to receive guests, so she hosts an open house for neighbors, family, friends, and some influential local nosy-parkers. Emma’s daughter and chef, Nora, and a few other previous residents have returned to Cozy Mountain, and one of them may have attempted to murder a guest in Emma’s house.

Unforeseen accidents and unexpected guests force Emma’s business plans to detour, and she must continually recalculate her route to success. The proximity of her ex, Collis, and their renewed attraction cause Emma to wonder: what would life have been like if she had made different choices, and is it ever too late to recalculate the path to love?

Meanwhile, a rich man is keeping Abby very well indeed in his luxurious mountain pumpkin shell, and although she’s grateful and determined to make it work out, a handsome contractor with long eyelashes is not going to make it easy.

It’s almost Halloween, and the ghosts in Emma’s house are in fine fettle making their displeasure known. Although her hands are more than full, Emma is still determined to rid the house of these last two ghosts so she can live there in peace.


Cozy Mountain Mystery # 4


It seems like Abby’s luck has finally changed for the better. She’s got a steady job that pays well, a handsome man who loves her, an old house to fix up, and the vintage enameled cast iron drainboard sink of her dreams. She ought to be feeling pretty good right now, except she’s secretly afraid it’s all about to fall apart.


When a man dies on her doorstep, Abby gets involved in the investigation into his death, even though her sweetheart would rather she stay out of it. One mystery seems to lead to another until, finally, a scandalous secret is revealed that destroys all she thought she knew about someone she trusted.


Emma’s still recovering from her accident and trying to figure out who she is now that everything in her life has changed. Although she’s got Collis by her side, challenges keep popping up right and left, leaving her confused and frustrated. She’s supposed to be resting, but she has a busy B&B to run. Her friend, Georgie, would like to take over, and although she appreciates his intentions, she’s not ready to let go.


Autumn is giving way to winter, and the last ghost in Emma’s B&B is busy making malicious mischief. With the help of her friends Abby and Georgie, Emma is determined to rid the house of this last ghost so she can move on with her new life.


Cozy Mountain Mystery # 5        


Ghost-free for the first time in decades, the Victorian mansion Emma Prescott inherited just feels better, and so does she. Settled in with her true love, Collis, and getting stronger every day, Emma counts on her best friends, Abby, and Georgie, to help make the B&B a success. When her ex shows up to help welcome their first grandchild, Emma is determined not to let him ruin her holiday.


Georgie Shreckengost seems to have it all: millions of dollars, a successful business, good friends, and lots of projects (and people to boss around). What he doesn’t have is a proposal from his devoted boyfriend, Virgil, and it’s beginning to look like that’s due to the meddling of his former (formerly alive, that is) Nanny. As dearly as he loved his precious Nanny, Georgie begins to think it is time for her (and him) to move on.


Abby Macintosh is attempting to manage the B&B even though Emma and Georgie, in their sincere attempts to help, often make Abby’s job harder to do. When a guest mysteriously disappears, it will take all her friends and staff to help Abby figure out what happened.


It’s Christmas in Cozy Mountain, where the pristine snow covering this busy resort town might also be hiding a murder.


Cozy Mountain Mystery # 6


Abby MacIntosh has partnered with the indomitable Effie Bunce to run the Queen of Cozy Mountain Bed & Breakfast. After Effie's life takes a turn for the tragic, Abby is determined to help her solve an old mystery and outsmart an evil blackmailer.


Georgie and his true love Virgil have set out to transform a derelict homestead into the pumpkin farm of his dreams. When a plow turns up something more sinister than tree roots, work on the pumpkin garden is halted while an investigation is launched.


Emma Prescott and her beloved Collis Greenlea have bought a house to renovate. From the start, nothing has gone right–from a squirrel invasion to petty theft–it's one annoyance after another. When a problematic neighbor is found dead, they are drawn into the investigation and forced to revisit painful memories they would rather forget.


It's a new year in Cozy Mountain, and friends Emma, Abby, and Georgie are experiencing the joys and growing pains that come with new beginnings.

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