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Brian and Rose Fitzpatrick  (Ireland)

Brian “Fitz” Fitzpatrick & Bonnie Eileen MacGregor own Fitzpatrick's Bakery


  • Brian Timothy married Ava - Rose Hill B&B

    • Children: Charlotte, Timmy, Josh, Ernie

  • Patrick - manages the Rose & Thorn Pub

  • Mary Margaret (Maggie) - Little Bear Books

  • Sean - attorney


Ian Fitzpatrick- retired Police Chief & Delia LeClair own the Rose & Thorn Pub


  • Claire Rebecca - P.A. to movie star

  • Liam Albert - Deceased


Curtis Fitzpatrick & Alice Herczog own Fitzpatrick's Service Station


  • Sons Curtis Junior, Connor, Quinn, & Evan who live away

  • Hannah Louise - Animal Control Officer married Sam Campbell - IT Genius

    • Child: Samuel Curtis


Scott Gordon - Rose Hill Police Chief

Ed Harrison - The Rose Hill Sentinel Editor/Owner

Sarah Albright - Pine County Homicide Detective

Miranda Wilson - waitress at Rose & Thorn Pub

  • Child: Tommy - Sentinel Paper Carrier

Drew Rosen - Veterinarian

Pauline & Phil Davis - own Davis's diner

  • Daughter Phyllis and grandson Billy


Mayor Stuart Machalvie married to Peg who owns Machalvie Funeral Home

Doc Machalvie married to Doris, a pharmacist

Malcom Behr - Fire Chief

Gail Godwin - Housekeeper

Father Stephen - Priest at Scared Heart & Sister Mary Margrethe—Nun

Frank and Skip - Rose Hill Police Deputies

Cal Fischer - Volunteer Firefighter and water rescue specialist

Willy Neff - town drunk

Margie Estep - Rose Hill Postmaster

Rodefeffers (of Rodefeffer Glassworks)

Aunt Mamie - Cranky Octogenerian & Heiress

Knox - Bank President married to Anne Marie

Richard “Trick” - Realtor married to Sandy

  • Child: Stacy


Theodore & Elizabeth Eldridge


  • Theo - Entrepreneur

  • Brad - Deceased

  • Gwyneth -Psychotherapist

  • Caroline - Philanthropist


Sal and Antonia Delvecchio


  • Sonny married to Karla own Delvecchio Hardware

  • Matt married to Diedre own IGA Foodliner

  • Paul married to Julie own PJ's Pizza

  • Anthony - Insurance Agent


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